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我们是“吾伴浓汤” We are “Urban Soup Kitchen”

我们是谁? Who are we?

吾伴浓汤Urban Soup Kitchen是2009年成立于中国上海的快速简餐品牌,致力于为人们带来健康、舒服且性价比高的食物;是目前上海唯少有的以融合浓汤为主打的餐饮品牌。发展至今已经拥有6家实体店,外送服务也已经覆盖了上海大部分CBD商圈,一直在努力将代表着关爱和温暖的浓汤带给更多的人们。
Urban Soup Kitchen is a chain of quick service restaurants in Shanghai, launched since 2009, and specialized in affordable healthy comfort food. USK is currently reckoned to be the only fusion style soup specialty shop in Shanghai, and have 6 locations spreading love, care and the comfort of soups among the top Shanghai CBD areas.

我们的“小目标” Our "little objective"

Looking to be the best soup making company in the market, we started 8 years ago, doing something very simple in a small kitchen, just like how mama used to do it – no gimmick, no short cut, nothing fancy, but just pure love, care, and comfort. Until today, Urban Soup Kitchen still applies the same mentality and method, but just at a slightly larger scale. That’s all.

我们对于品质的坚持 Our persistence in product quality

For the past eight years, we insist in not adding any MSG, taste enhancer, or preservative in any of our products. All our soup stocks are made with 100% fresh produce and ingredients, simmered for over 5 hours, and served as the base for all our delicious and naturally tasted soups.

USK浓汤文化 What is USK soup culture?

Soup is one of the most versatile dishes in any cuisine. From starters to hearty, traditional main courses of broth and stew-like soups, every culture has their traditional favorites. In China, USK strives to develop a unique fusion soup culture through combining the deep Chinese food heritage and the west. It’s all about soup being the center stage of a meal, spreading love, care, and comfort.